CANON Paper Separation Roller-Red


Product Order #: 4589

OEM Code : FC5-2528-000

For : iR ADVANCE 6055, iR ADVANCE 6065, iR ADVANCE 6075, iR ADVANCE 6255, iR ADVANCE 6265, iR ADVANCE 6275, iR ADVANCE 8085, iR ADVANCE 8095, iR ADVANCE 8105, iR ADVANCE 8205, iR ADVANCE 8285, iR ADVANCE 8295, iR ADVANCE C7055, iR ADVANCE C7065, iR ADVANCE C7260, iR ADVANCE C7270, iR ADVANCE C9065PRO, iR ADVANCE C9075PRO, iR ADVANCE C9270PRO, iR ADVANCE C9280PRO

Type : Misc.
Category : Paper Separation Roller

size L (in.) W (in.) H (in.)

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ImageRunner Advance 6055, ImageRunner Advance 6065, ImageRunner Advance 6075, ImageRunner Advance 6255, ImageRunner Advance 6265, ImageRunner Advance 6275, ImageRunner Advance 8085, ImageRunner Advance 8095, ImageRunner Advance 8105, ImageRunner Advance 8205, ImageRunner Advance 8285, ImageRunner Advance 8295, ImageRunner Advance C7055, ImageRunner Advance C7065, ImageRUNNER ADVANCE C7260, ImageRUNNER ADVANCE C7270, ImageRUNNER ADVANCE C9065, ImageRUNNER ADVANCE C9075, ImageRUNNER ADVANCE C9270, ImageRUNNER ADVANCE C9280

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